About Us


Emterra Environmental USA, a family owned and operated company, is a leader in providing trash collection and recycling services to municipalities, individual residents, businesses and institutional customers.

Our ‘know-how’ stems from decades of managing trash for disposal and operating recycling programs to recover waste resources that can be made into new products. As a company, we:

  • strive to set an example in our industry by always searching for and developing best practices, and
  • support the communities in which we live and do business.

With 35 years of experience, we know our first job is to bring innovation, commitment and plain old hard work to the task of providing top quality service…and we deliver.

In support of our communities, Emterra is pleased to continue offering Rewards for Recycling points for residents. If your municipality does not currently have the Rewards for Recycling program, learn more here. - RewardsforRecycling.com


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