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Green Waste Fleets

Emterra's Green Low-Emission CNG, Diesel Waste Truck Fleets

Better Trucks to Reduce Emissions

A tough and reliable fleet of trucks is critical to providing our customers with exceptional service. Wherever possible, Emterra works with community partners to identify appropriate green technologies to reduce emissions and protect air quality while providing the same top quality collection services that our customers have come to expect. Emterra also went a step further by choosing green technology to reduce our emissions and protect air quality.

Biodiesel Trucks

In the Region of Niagara, Ontario, our fleet of 70 trucks has been running on biodiesel since 2011. Biodiesel is a biodegradable, clean-burning fuel that replaces traditional diesel. It can be made from renewable sources such as canola, soybeans, animal fats, other natural oils, and greases. According to the National Biodiesel Board it’s less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar!

Why does it matter?

Our decision to use biodiesel for the entire fleet is driven by a strong commitment to creating green jobs, improving our environment and working with our partners to achieve new standards in environmentally sound waste and recycling collection services.  

Industry analysts suggest that for every gallon of biodiesel used, trucks may reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 75%.

Thinking about a truck that consumes a weekly average of about 80 gallons of fuel, we calculate that this single vehicle could reduce its CO2 emissions by nearly 8 tons per year using biodiesel  fuel instead of diesel.

When you consider that the average tree removes about 1 ton of CO2 per year* it means that keeping just 25 biodiesel trucks in regular service can free up nearly 200 trees to scrub out CO2 from other sources to help reduce greenhouse gases. Multiply that by an entire fleet and it’s easy to see why we’re excited about the impact of Emterra’s biodiesel vehicles.

Compressed Natural Gas Trucks

In 2012, Emterra made the bold commitment to use compressed natural gas trucks in our operations in Winnipeg, Manitoba. With nearly 60 natural gas-powered, heavy duty waste and recycling trucks in operation, Emterra Environmental set a new standard in green fleet management.

These trucks are cutting greenhouse gas emissions by about 20% compared to traditional diesel waste vehicles, according to the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance. After five years of service, 2,400 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide and pollutants will be prevented!

Not only is the compressed natural gas fleet reducing carbon emissions, it’s also quieter than diesel trucks. This allows us to provide quality service to our customers without noise pollution!

Our fleet in Winnipeg has gained widespread recognition for being largest green solid waste fleet in Canada and also the largest cold climate compressed natural gas fleet in the world.