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Commercial Waste Services: Rethink Your Waste Plan

Commercial Waste Management Services Michigan

Waste management plans for your business are often an afterthought, yet it is important to manage the trash generated by your business – or the businesses that occupy your property - responsibly. Commercial property managers need reliable trash hauling services and Emterra delivers above and beyond that basic need.

Business and industrial customers across Michigan depends on us to provide the right dumpsters, the right pickup and trash haulage schedule, and a commitment to diverting trash from landfill where it can be recycled.  Our material recovery facilities are set up to do just that, recover materials some refer to as “garbage”. We see waste differently. Whether it is yard waste that requires composting, tires that can be transformed into crumb rubber, or construction debris that can be sorted to pull raw inputs for new products – we’re the professionals.

Simply, we provide waste plans that fit within your budget and focus maximizing recycling to lesson your carbon footprint. That’s smart, responsible business.

Industries Served

Yes, we haul your trash and manage your recyclables but the Emterra Environmental USA service commitment extends further.  Here’s why our customers choose us...

SIMPLE. We’re a full service, “one stop shop” for your waste management needs. We focus on waste management solutions tailored to your operations so you can focus on your business growth. We are innovators when it comes to managing waste like used rubber tires and liquids. We provide the right assets for the required job and know-how for managing your waste responsibly.

DEPENDABLE. We haul your trash on schedule, every time. Also, we’re a phone call away for time when you need extra waste pickups.

SMART. Getting rid of your trash in a timely manner provides a more sanitary workplace. That’s smart. Even smarter is the fact that we can divert more of your waste from landfill, thereby reducing your environmental impact and creating more sustainable communities within Michigan. That’s even smarter. Learn more about recycling your trash

THE BOTTOM LINE. An Emterra Environmental waste management plan can potentially save cost for your business. Let’s talk to find out how.