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Municipal-Governmental Waste Collection & Recycling Services

Municipal Waste Management Services Michigan

We provide municipal waste management services to municipalities throughout North America and are proud to serve communities within Michigan. Since 1976 we have constantly innovated to bring efficient, cost effective waste plans to the local governments we serve to optimal waste plans are in place. Let us:

  • Collect your municipal residential waste with safe and reliable customer focused performance
  • Provide the highest level of waste management and recycling services on budget
  • Share our focus on environmental sustainability as we manage your solid waste, recycling and yard waste collection program

With Emterra Environmental USA, Michigan communities can achieve more (collection, recycling, diversion) with less (cost and effort). We provide ourselves on offering solutions that are tailored to your community needs and cover the spectrum of needs; including trash, recycling and yard waste collection. 

Our Services

Curbside & Multi-Family Collections

Our fleet of waste trucks is routed to pick up your trash on schedule. Whether we’re servicing your individual trash subscription or providing waste management services for your residential complex you can count on us for great service and cost savings. 

Recyclables Processing & Marketing

We transform recyclables into raw materials that are used as inputs into new products. Paper fibers and product packaging materials along with used tires are transformed into valuable commodities. recovered along with such things as used tires are extremely

Innovative technologies allow us and our partners to maximize the amount of waste that may be processed while minimizing unrecyclable residue. This means value for end market buyers and less in landfill. 


Materials Hauling & Transfer

With a large and capable waste hauling fleet we can move your trash locally or great distances. Full service means a complete solid waste recycling plan and the logistics expertise required to go with it.

Landfill & Disposal

We envision a world with “Zero Waste”. Our efforts and innovation are ongoing as we get closer to achieving this vision. We take care to divert your solid waste, yard waste and even liquid waste from landfills whenever possible. For a greener Michigan – and earth – we make sure your trash is handled properly. 


Government Facilities Collection

For multi-location governmental clients we understand required waste management service needs vary by area.  Let us help customize a waste management program for your needs. 

Leveraging Technology to Achieve a Sustainable Environment

How can we achieve Zero Waste? Yes, we can work towards recycling all trash possible but there’s more. We also focus on “how we do it”. We are constantly evaluating our facility, refuse collection fleets and how we process trash to find new ways to minimize our impact on the environment. Wherever possible, we adopt “green” building methods, utilize alternative fuel for our fleet and employ technologically advanced sorting equipment to extract more recyclables from trash.  Look to us to establish new environmental standards for the waste management industry.Learn more

We’re in your community!

At Emterra Environmental USA, we believe in pitching in within the communities we service through our Community Care™ program.  We operate within Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, St. Clair, Lapeer, Tuscola, Huron, and Sanilac counties within Michigan.  See how we’re getting involved in your community. Learn more