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Ethanol from Waste

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Canadian Liquids Processors

Energy is arguably the single most important issue of our time. It powers the tractors that grow our crops, our homes to keep us warm and entertained, the cars and buses that move us to and from work - we can’t do anything without it. At the Emterra Group, we take great pride in our ability to transform waste into a green, clean, alternative energy.

Emterra Group's Canadian Liquids Processors division produces ethanol as a by-product of processing liquid food and beverage waste. Through our proprietary process, we convert sugar or alcohol-based liquids into usable ethanol and environmentally safe wastewater for discharge.  (Check out our newest product made from ethanol – Transformations Windshield Washer Fluid!)

This manufacturing method reduces greenhouse gas emissions and does not require the addition or use of agricultural products such as corn to do so. The ethanol we produce not only offers all the benefits of other plant-based ethanol, but it also diverts the liquid waste we process from going into our water system and landfills. Add the fact that we then recycle all of the related packaging and containers, and our process becomes that much closer to attaining Zero Waste. 

Canadian Liquids Processors Ltd. welcomes inquiries from interested buyers about our ethanol and ethanol-based products from waste. Contact us now!