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EPR in Action

Product Stewardship to Divert Waste, Increase Recyclable

EPR or Extended Producer Responsibility, as defined by the Product Stewardship Institute as “a mandatory type of product stewardship in which manufacturers take primary financial responsibility for the post-consumer environmental, safety, and economic impacts of their products.”

This is increasingly a factor in North America, where several EPR programs already exist, in the US and in Canada.  Already in the US more than 25 states have enacted EPR legislation on one or more products. Since we are one of the longest-established waste management companies collecting, processing and marketing printed packaging and paper products, we are well placed to assist with EPR program growth and development as programs continue to develop.

Emterra Provides Cost-Effective Programs to Meet EPR Requirements

From state to state, EPR requirements vary. There are programs that cover packaging, printed paper, tires, liquids, batteries, hazardous waste and more. Emterra works closely with many EPR programs in North America to ensure that the collection, processing, and material tracking/reporting infrastructure, along with the end markets, exist to cost-effectively manage the programs as they come into place.