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Tire Recycling

Scrap Tire Recycling, Tire Collection Disposal Michigan

Emterra Group CEO and Founder, Emmie Leung celebrates continuing achievements in tire recycling at our Ontario facility.

Tire Disposal and Collection Services

Collecting and recycling used and scrap tires provides a huge environmental benefit.  At Emterra Environmental USA, we have developed proprietary process technology to recover 100% of each used scrap tire we collect with no emissions produced through the recycling process.  We have operations dedicated solely to tire recycling and accept scrap tires from across Michigan and the north-east US.  

Getting Rid of Your Scrap Tires is Simple

We provide:

  • Quick used tire pickups from your location upon request
  • Establish routine scheduled pickup of scrap tires as your business requires
  • Professional collection crews to load and haul your tires

Recycling Tires Responsibly, Making New Products

As we fully recycle your scrap tires, we are working together to divert all used tires from landfills or from being irresponsibly burned.  That’s responsible business and has a profoundly positive impact on the environment. Used or scrap tires we collect are NEVER stockpiled or sent to landfill.

What once was a used tire will become a great new product. For example, your scrap tires may have a new life as patio tiles, engine parts, landscape mulch and even playground flooring. Such products are fabricated from the crumb rubber that comes from our rubber tire shredding process, making us a making us a leading supplier of crumb rubber.

Anatomy of Scrap Tires and Our Recycling Commitment

Our innovative and proprietary technology for recycling used tires involves shredding the tires to separate the steel, fiber and rubber components so 100% of the tire materials are recovered. Did we mention without any emission production? 

Did you know? For every 22 pound scrap tire we recycle, we recover materials totaling 22 pounds!

  • 12 pounds of high quality rubber
  • 6 pounds of steel
  • 4 pounds of fiber

Yes, that is Zero Waste!

Does your business or organization produce used tires of any size requiring disposal? Then talk to the tire recycling experts at Emterra Environmental USA.  Contact Us now!​