Emterra Community Care™ Program

Emterra is committed to helping improve the environmental health and well-being of the communities throughout Canada in which we live and work. To that purpose we created our Emterra Community Care™ program. 

Under Community Care™, we partner with local organizations to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the amount of waste we dispose of in landfills and linking recycling to community benefits such as sustainability.

Our Community Care™ programs range from providing recycling services at community events to collecting funds and food for charitable organizations to pledging financial support to healthcare facilities. One of our programs is an innovative, one-of-a-kind community initiative that and has earned the highest award in the Recycling Council of Ontario’s Waste Minimization Awards program! 

Entitled “Make Your Contribution at the Curb™”, this unique program challenges residents of Ontario’s Niagara Region to recycle more. Emterra rewards these efforts by pledging to donate $1 for every tonne of residential packaging and paper collected and for every used tire recycled through Emterra Eco Depot Events, up to a total of $500,000 over seven years to the Niagara Health System Foundation in support of the local  Walker Family Cancer Centre. By 2014, Emterra had donated nearly $120,000 to the health care foundation to help purchase cancer treatment equipment, and the fund will continue to grow.

In a similar spirit, Emterra is involved in a variety of initiatives across Canada and in the USA State of Michigan, all with an aim to support local communities in partnership efforts to improve our quality of life.  We invite you to explore our Community Care™ initiatives to find out more!