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Leading the way to zero waste with full service organics recovery on Vancouver Island. We are reducing our trips to the landfill, preserving resources and contributing to the natural and biological breakdown of organic matter.

We are part of the Island of Chef’s collaborative (ICC), the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and, a founding ‘Charter’ member of the Values-Based Business Network.

Acceptable Items

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We target high-quality, contaminant-free organic waste. What is not accepted in your organics bin is just as important as what is not. We all need to do our part and compost right!

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Commercial Recovery

Commercial recovery

Kitchen tested and environmentally approved! Composting in your commercial kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. Our team is equipped to help you establish an efficient solution that your staff can quickly adapt to.

We are proud of our partnership with the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association. And, we’re closing the loop with many progressive chefs who are part of the Island Chef Collaborative (ICC) – an organization working to build a sustainable food system on the Island. Together, we are helping members lesson the environmental impact of their establishments, compost more and decrease operating costs.

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Residential Recovery

Residential Recovery

We can all contribute to less waste headed to the landfill and composting is an excellent way to do this. We are helping our community save the planet by moving to zero waste. We come to your home with fresh, clean bins that suit your needs and budget. We’ll make sure every food scrap, napkin, blade of grass and your yard waste enter a loop that transforms them into nutrient-rich compost.

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Event Recovery

Event Recovery

Fairs, festivals, sporting events, conferences, trade shows and other event gatherings are occasions to waste less and compost more. Events pose unique challenges and new opportunities for a significant volume of compostable materials to be collected - including products like biodegradable food service ware, packaging and of course food scraps.

When including a composting option at your next event, planning is key! Our expertise can assist you in planning your zero waste event by organizing and supplying the necessary containers, education, and collection services which will have a huge impact on your event’s footprint.

Your proactive effort helps to support the Island’s reputation as tourism, conference and event destination.

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How do we answer the equation, waste = resource?

You are the answer! Your organic waste enters a loop that transforms it into nutrient-rich compost used to create new growth – moving your community toward zero waste!

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Tell us about your municipality, government facility or business, and Emterra will help you create a waste management plan specifically tailored to meet your individual needs.

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